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In-Line® ‘invisible braces’ make it possible to correct teeth that are too far apart, misaligned or overcrowded. In-Line® braces are almost invisible, meaning teeth can be corrected without the need for unsightly metal braces.

Why choose In-Line®

It can treat severely crowded teeth and close large gaps. Preview pictures will show you how your teeth will look after treatment. It's advanced German Technology means no attachments on teeth are needed for tooth movement.

In-Line® Seminars

June 2015 Seminars

PreviewPictures to show current and expected final situation

Treatment in 5-10 months
Quick TreatmentTreatment is normally finished in just 5 to 10 months

Clear Aligners
Clear AlignersComfortable twin layer clear plastic aligners

Dental Health Benefits
Dental Health BenefitsImproved alignment of teeth can lead to more healthy teeth and gums

Cost Saving
Cost EffectiveA cost effective solution for orthodontic alignment